12 Creative Last Minute Halloween Food and Decor Ideas

12 Creative Last Minute Halloween Food and Decor Ideas

Halloween is not just a playful time to play dress up, the food and decorations also play a major part of it! We came up with a bunch of ideas to spice up your upcoming monster gathering! From edible fingers to earthworms, your guests will be amazed by these fun and creative snacks!

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0:14 Stabbed Muffins
1:25 Edible Fingers
2:15 Bloody Cheesecake
3:45 Guacamole Vomit
4:24 Delicious Earthworms
4:50 Pumpkins in Minions Disguise
5:34 Tasty Brains on Toast
7:08 Creepy Eyeball Box
7:43 Edible Cat Litter Box
9:11 Deadly Marshmallows
9:43 The Skull within the Glass
10:11 Fruity Monsters

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