15 Must-Know Survival Hacks

15 Must-Know Survival Hacks

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If you’re in a critical situation, be sure you know your lifehacks! Watch in our new video 15 must-know survival hacks. These easy knots may save your life one day!

Supplies and tools:
• Roll of toilet paper
• Metal can
• Rubbing alcohol
• Coffee beans
• Napkin
• Rolling pin
• Bottle from micellar water
• Mineral water
• Hygienic pad
• Scissors
• Bandage
• Tampon
• Pantiliners
• Rubber glove
• Baking soda
• Empty jar
• Cornstarch
• Cocoa powder
• Cinnamon essential oil
• Forks
• Rubber band
• Styrofoam tube
• Utility knife
• Tape

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