Amazing DIY toys for kids

Hey guys, in this video I show you how to create your own toys from scratch without having to go and buy new ones. This way you'll keep the kids entertained and you'll finally repurpose some old items.
- I show you how to create a cute toy using a clear folder, some crayons to paint fish and a tinted surface to bring it to life.
- I show you how use craft paper, create origami caterpillars and then use them to play a racing game with your friends
- For those of you who are looking to go the extra mile. I show you how to repurpose an old cardboard box and use it to turn it into a car racing track that you can make with your kids.
- Of course, pizza boxes couldn't go to waste because I'm showing you a cool way to repurpose it. You can use it to play a two-player game using strings. You pull the strings to prevent the little hero from falling into the pizza box holes.
- If you happen to get bored in math class, you can use a rectangle paper to play a game with your classmates. You'll use dice to occupy parts of the paper and then the winner is the one who covered the most area.

0:07 - DIY toys for kids who love art
1:05 - How to make a car race track out of paper
2:18 - DIY fruit paper crafts
4:09 - DIY games using rectangles
7:09 - How to use dice as a game
7:57 - Awesome origami fish that kids will love
9:19 - DIY rolling butterfly
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