Bathroom and pampering tricks to try right now!

The time we spend in our bathrooms is the most personal and alone time we get, so why not make it the most fun by trying out these hacks that we have for you. In this video compilation that we created, we show you new things to incorporate in your beauty/pampering routine that will make you feel as if you've just been to a spa. In addition, we share with you some amazing ways to clean both your bathroom and toilet, as well as removing hairs from a clogged bathroom. Watch our video to discover a new way to also make your own bathroom soaps and many more beauty products.

- For those of you who enjoy taking long showers, we have the best hack for you. We show you how to create your own bath bomb. In a mixing bowl, add two cups of baking soda, one cup of Epsom salt, one cup of cornstarch, one cup of citric acid and the essential oil of your choice. You can choose the scent that makes you relax them most. Then, you add some food coloring and a tablespoon of olive oil for moisturization. Finally, mix all the ingredients together and transfer them into a silicone mold - let it sit there for 4 hours and voila. Enjoy your awesome, bubbly, colorful bath.

- Are you annoyed when your bathroom gets dirty and build up is so persistent that it's hard to clean off Then we have the best bathroom cleaning solution for you. Half fill both your spray bottle and washing-up brush with washing-up liquid soap, then fill the other half with vinegar and shake to mix the two together. Finally, spray your bathtub with the mixture and using your washing up brush scrub the build-up off. You'll see that it gets easily removed with just one stroke.

- If you are struggling to clean a very dirty toilet, you can use pumice to make it look like brand new. Watch our video demonstration to see how we do it.

- For those of you who love a nice and easy DIY project, then you'll love this trick we have for you using wine corks. We demonstrate an awesome way to make your own bathroom rug. You simply, cut each cork in half vertically, as we demonstrate in the video, then using hot glue place them on a white mesh base facing down. Fill the white mesh with wine corks and voila. You very own stylish bathroom mat that is also comfortable and doesn't need as much washing as a regular bathroom mat would.

- Keeping your hair products in the bathroom can be easy for you but bad for your products especially when it comes to heating tools. Because of the humidity in the bathroom a lot of salt and limescale build up on your products, so, we have the best cleaning solution for you. Firstly, turn your flat iron on for a minute until it heats up. Then, add some rubbing alcohol in a bowl and twice the amount of baking soda as we demonstrate in the video. After that, using a toothbrush, dip it into the mixture and scrub all the build up off. You will see since the iron is still hot, all the dirt is removed very easily.
0:12 - DIY bath bomb
1:22 - Bathtub cleaning hack
1:53 - Awesome toilet cleaner
4:47 - How to clean your hairbrush
5:51 - DIY colorful soap bar
6:43 - Awesome crystals shaped soaps
8:52 - Hotel towel folding
9:16 - How to remove rust

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