Amazing student hacks

Just when the magical holidays end, reality hits us all again and we have to adjust to again to the old schedule of waking up early, going to school, coming home and going by our daily routine. We know the struggles and we sympathize, so in this compilation, we wanted to make your back to school experience fun by showing you some awesome tips and tricks.

​ 1. How to erase highlighter from your paper:
We've all been there highlighting everything we think its important in our homework and then realizing that some of the highlightings we did was wrong. If you've done that by accident you can fix your mistake using this little hack. Cut a lemon in half and using a q-tip rub it on the surface of the lemon to help it absorb the juice. Then, go on top of the highlighter you want to erase ​and rub your q-tip on that part of the paper. The acid contained in the lemon juice can remove highlighters and some markers.

2. Ways to cheat on tests:
Let's say you want to memorize a specific equation but it is so long that it becomes impossible. Here a little cheating trick you can do.
- Place some glossy tape on top of the equation or the part you want to copy and cover it. Then, cut it off the paper using scissors and place it into a bowl filled with water. Rub the back of the sheet until til all removed and you are only left with the black letters stuck at the back of the tape. Then stick it at the side of your water bottle and there you have it.
- Take two of the same rules and flip them both upside down. Then stick a piece of scotch tape at the edge of each ruler to connect them and create a secret compartment in-between. Then, cut out a small piece of paper with the answers to your test and stick it in the secret compartment between the two rulers.
- Write your answers on a piece of long paper and fold it in such a way that it becomes expendable. Then, take a small bandade stick it on the inside where the cotton pad of the bandage is and place it on your arm as a camouflage. When no-one is looking you can peel your bandage, look at the answers and then put it back again.

3. DIY compass:
Are you at school and you would like to create graphs or just want to doodle in your notebook but you don't have a compass to make the perfect circle. In this video, the only thing you will need is paper clips.
- Take 1 or 2 paper clips, depending on how wide you would like your circle to be and then place a pen on one side of the paper clip to hold it steady and one on the other side and start drawing your perfect circle. If you would like to bigger, add another paper clip.

4. How to make your own scissors:
This one is an easy school hack you can try right away without any tools. Take two rulers and have rotated them in such a way that both sharp sides ( sides with the numbers) are facing each other. Then hold the bottoms of the rulers in your hand, take a piece of paper and test it by closing the rulers everytime you would like to cut something like you would do with scissors.

5. How to memorize PI:
If you are struggling to remember the numbers that follow after the 3.14, you are not the only one. However, you can try this trick that will help you memorize it by memorizing a phrase instead. Remember the phrase: "MAY I HAVE A LARGE CONTAINER OF COFFEE BEANS". Each word has an adequate amount of letters Pie has.

6. DIY erasable posted notes.
If you like passing little messages to your classmates in order to communicate with each other try this little hack. Instead of wasting precious colorful paper. Take a piece of tape and cover your posted notes with it. Then using whiteboard markers write your message and pass it on to the rest of your classroom. This way you will communicate with each other the old-fashioned way.
0:23 - How to erase highlighter from your paper
0:36 - Awesome hack to cheat on a test
0:44 - DIY compass
2:07 - DIY Scissors
2:24 - How to memorize PI
5:49 - Crazy paper clip hack
6:08 - How to cheat on a test
6:28 - DIY pencil sharpener
7:02 - Freehand perspective drawing
7:53 - Rubber band school hack
8:06 - DIY pencil case
9:19 - DIY tape dispenser
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