Genius beauty tips that will turn you into a makeup artist

Makeup and the art of turning your face into a canvas requires a lot of skill. Nobody started out with makeup and knew exactly how to achieve a flawless look. So, in this video, I'm sharing with you some clever beauty tips and ways to apply makeup that will blow your mind.
- In the first video, I show you a quick and easy way to contour your face in order to make it look slimmer and more sculpted. After adding the basic shapes with a contouring stick, you then blend it out with a foundation brush.
- You can make your lips look bigger, by applying concealer over them. Then, using a lip-liner you simply shape them in the way you want, and after that, you apply a lighter-shaped lipstick to give them some volume.
- Not everyone has the most flattering nose, and lighting is not always on our side, especially when we take selfies. So, I show you how to contour and highlight your nose to make it look shorter and smaller.
- A powder highlighter doesn't always last long on our cheekbones. So, I show you how to create your own liquid highlighter using concealer and some shimmery eyeshadow. You can blend it in with your makeup and get the shiny cheekbones everyone is raving about.
- I show you how to make your own tinted eyelash glue using blue food coloring.

0:07 - How to contour your face like a pro
0:58 - How to make your own makeup highlighter
2:05 - How to make your own tinted eyelash glue
2:50 - Liquid lipstick - eyeshadow
3:53 - Use aloe vera under your eyes
4:35 - How to make your own liquid blush
7:23 - How to fix a dried mascara
8:09 - Empty makeup ideas
10:54 - Get the most out of your nail file
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