36 BODY HACKS TO MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER || How to read body language

36 BODY HACKS TO MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER || How to read body language


Watch this video and learn how to read body language as we are ready to reveal a lot of secrets behind common nonverbal cues. If you know body language signals, you can easily understand what people feel or you can understand the reason for their behavior. Everything is important - eye behavior, pose and even direction of feet. Watch this video and find helpful tips that will help you to understand what the person is thinking. Check out the most common body language signals. Let’s start from eye behavior that is very telling. Pay attention if a person makes direct eye contact or looks away. The increased blinking rate may tell that a person is stressed out. Moreover, pupils dilate when we see someone we like. Also, glancing at a person may indicate a desire to talk and staring could be an indication that someone likes you. One more thing that shows that a person is stressed out is when he is fixing sleeves, it could be called a self-soothing technique. Moreover, rocking from heel to toe shows serious worry. Also, pay attention to the fact of how close someone sits and stands next to another person as it determines the relationships between people. When you talk to a person tilting head or leaning could be a sign of interest. One more interesting thing is that people expose their hands only to those people they feel comfortable with. If your friend covers his mouth with a hand, it means that he withdraw from saying something. Rubbing of the neck shows that a person is frustrated. And the most common pose when you cross arms means that you are trying to create a comfort zone. If you talk to your friend and she seems to remove hairs from clothes it’s a sign of silent disagreement. When you have a lot of fun with friends and someone told a good joke, check out at whom everyone looks as usually after a good joke they look at someone they like the most.

00:09 How to read body language
00:15 When you like someone
01:25 When people try to hide something
02:15 Examine the position of arms

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