Delicious fruity hacks to try in the kitchen

Hey fruit lovers. To help you a bit in the kitchen and make the whole chopping and cutting process a lot easier, I'm sharing with you some delicious and super easy tricks using fruits.
- You can get some delicious orange juice out of a real orange simply by piercing it with a straw, stirring it and then enjoying the tasty fresh orange juice.
- For those times that the chopping takes ages, I show you some fruit cutting tricks that will change your life. For example, you can take a leaf out of a leak, fold it a few times and then easily cut in stripes for your recipes.
- You can remove the seed out of any sun-dried fruit simply by piercing it with a straw.
- To get the most juice out of a lemon, instead of squeezing it with your hands, you can use a pair of tongs instead.
- You can use a peeler to finely chop an onion for your salad or dinner.
- You can cut a watermelon vertically, and then horizontally using a sharp knife. This way you'll end up with little triangle pieces.

0:19 - Smart Ways to cut fruits and veggies
2:05 - Alternative Ways to cut tasty summer fruits
3:42 - Easiest way to cut cherry tomatoes
5:27 - Pomegranate hacks that will change your life
5:49 - DIY kitchen gadgets
8:22 - How to disassemble an apple#
9:21 - Apple crisps - healthy snack
11:59 - How to make apple donuts
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