Annoying moments we go through every day that you can totally relate to.

Hey guys, have you ever been in a situation that you've felt so embarrassed you wanted to the whole earth to swallow you I sure have. So, in this video, I am showing you some of these moments that will make you relate and laugh at the same time.
- For example when you are taking a shower and you start signing as if you are the lead singer in a concert.
- Have you ever been to a public toilet and wanted to sit down but it was too dirty What did you do in those situations I know I filled the seat up with papers.
- Or when you are hungry and you want to snack on something but you can't find anything you want in the fridge. So, you end up opening and closing the fridge door until you find the magic ingredient.
- Have you ever gotten ready to leave your house - I mean shoes on, full outfit and then ended up forgetting your phone on the side table Watch What I did here: 3:48
- What about the times that you went to throw something away and you ended up throwing your phone in the trash as well

0:07 - Funny things we all do sometimes
0:46 - Eavesdropping like a pro
1:24 - When you put on way too much perfume
2:11 - What you do when you see a cute guy
2:58 - Bloopers
3:23 - Unlucky or clumsy
6:45 - Types of neighbors
8:08 - When your neighbors are playing basketball
9:35 - What the ideal neighbor looks like
9:50 - When your food betrays you
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