Orbeez Challenge! 13 Pranks And Life Hacks!

Orbeez Challenge! 13 Pranks And Life Hacks!

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Watch our new video to check out fun ways to use Orbeez! You can add them to your coffee, arrange a challenge, make spa masks, and prank your friends! Orbeez are perfect for every situation!

Supplies and tools:
• Orbeez balls
• Old tube of toothpaste
• Blush container
• Face powder
• Printed label
• Milk
• Silicone half-sphere mold
• Pipette
• Carton of milk
• Gelatin
• Food coloring
• Sugar
• Syringe
• Silicone cake pop molds
• Bottle
• Balloons
• Darts
• Fragrance oil
• Round container

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