Types of people you'll meet in your life

Hey guys, in this video I am sharing with you some hilarious situations that you can relate to on another level. I show you the types of people on the dance floor. The types of girls all around the world and the types of people every morning.
- In the first video section I show you the types of dancers you'll meet in your life. For example, the ones who love to have fun at the club. Then we have the ones who enjoy dancing with their drink in their hands. We have the people who get overly sweaty and maybe the ones who film their time at the club on snap chat.
- Ok girls, I also show you the two types of girls from opposites parts of the spectrum to show you the differences and also the similarities. There are girls who like having long nails while other girls prefer to coat them with a clear manicure. Some other girls like to wear high heels and some of them prefer comfy shoes. Another example is when girls like to wear black clothes because it is convenient while others like to have the whole rainbow colors in their closet.
- I also show you some hilarious situations that you've all experienced when you are not morning people. For example, waking up all sleepy and not being able to put clothes on correctly. Or falling asleep in the middle of class or of a meeting. But, let's not forget when you miss your alarm clock and you don't wake up on time.

0:07 - Types of people on the dance floor
0:43 - The air guitar
3:22 - Types of girls
4:14 - Two types of foods
6:18 - When girls go shopping
7:48 - Two types of people at the pool
9:38 - When you are not a morning person
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